Saturday, November 6, 2010

Breakup: Day3 (08:44 AM)

Normalcy has not yet returned completely but I sure am headed towards it. It will take time I know. I've started eating food and taking water. Watched movies which seemed to help a lot. Wrote a lot of things, strolled the Internet.
A dear one who read all this asked if it was an attempt to invoke pity from him. My answer, NO!
If he comes back due to pity and not love, he will leave again and then I may be in an even worse condition. This is not pity, it is a means of letting out things. And like I said before, being an observer to my own suffering calms me down a lot.
Last night I dreamt that a friend was having sex with a snake, a huge python. I don't know what that dream means, I really hate those creatures.
One of the movies that I watched was 'Letters From Juliet' and when I googled about it I found that there is actually a group of people who do that - reply to the heartbroken people's letters advising them on life and love. I think that is a very noble thing to do. Read about it here. If you have seen the movie or ever see it, there is a letter which is read in the end, the letter that Sophie writes to Clair. It talks about two words "what if". Two harmless words which when put together become potent enough to ruin a life!

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