Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mosquito Don't Bite Gay Men!

Okay, I accept that that title was intended to grab your attention but hey wait, there's more to it than that! This post may well, not be about 'facts' but it sure has a perspective!
I was talking to a friend few days back who I came out to recently. She's a complete darling but still the 'omg! how can he be gay!' thought was all over her mind. And then came the usual barrage of questions, "When did it start?", "How did you know?", "Do you really feel nothing for girls?", "How can you be so sure?", "You were 'alright' few years back!" And as usual, I had no answers for any of these :)
So here's a little biology refresher first. What makes a man gay (or a woman lesbian) has not yet been established concretely. It might have something to do with the genetic make-up of a person is the best guess anyone can have at this point in time. Genes are those building blocks that decide what color our eyes would be, how long the hair on our chest would grow and how we can roll our tongues inside our mouths (lol) So, clearly, answering all those questions is stupid (if you ask me, the questions are stupid but I'm trying to be nice today!)
When the world was just 'white', the black skin color was considered another species. 'How can a human being be black in color!' When the world was Christian, the rest of the people were without their souls. When the world was Newtonian, there were no time warps. And so it goes ...
Simple answer to all those questions is - Sexual orientation affects only things that are sexual in nature - your ability to fall for a person of your own sex, your love making prowess, your ability to make babies. All other qualities of a person are a result of his/her environment, education, will power. The clich├ęd but true fact is that gays are people too!