Sunday, November 7, 2010

Breakup: Day3 (04:04 PM)

Welcome back my darling!
Did the rain wet you? For once, the heavens are crying with me! What is it? Is it a sign of sympathy from the Gods or an acknowledgement of the broken and damp fate that our relationship has? I think none! FB is full of messages blessing the rain, hailing the cold weather and cherishing the sweet memories that it brings along with it. For me (and for you?) the rain is a reflection of my heart, the blood of separation. Rain is neither good nor bad it is us and our souls that make it either.
I decided not to tell my friends about this. Why should they know? Why should anyone know? They would ask questions about my changed state, they would ask questions about my silence but let there be no answers! And who am I to answer when I do not know myself? The fate of our relationship is undecided yet. I will wait and those who care shall have their answer at my deathbed. Till then, let me be mum. Let me find abode in silence. And let the love, loss and pain grow inside me!

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