Saturday, November 6, 2010

Breakup: Day2 (12:47 PM)

Relationship Status: On Hold!

After spending 4 months together, after exchanging hopes and dreams and vows and passionate moments he told me that he was not sure if he loved me! Should I be shattered?
Have you ever wanted to own something really badly? Some instrument or a gadget like a Camera or a Bike? You dream about it all the time before you have it and once you hold your camera in your hand, it all ends. The craving, the passion, everything just ends. The excitement to get it is unmatched. I was that thing for him!
He doesn't want to be with me anymore. He says he's not sure. He is not sure if he even loves me or not! I've asked him to get back to me when he is sure, I will wait till then.
"What if I say NO? Will you still wait for me?"
If he says NO, his life and mine will take different routes. I know I love him and I know my love does not depend on his answer, so it will live even after he leaves me forever. But, that is none of his concern. If he says NO, he should move on, find another man and stay in happiness and pleasure. My condition should not be his worry if he says NO.
He has to wait till he is certain that he does not love me. He has to wait till he finds love elsewhere. He has to wait till he is ready to burn the bridge that hangs on a thread being eaten by moths of doubts. He has to wait till I prove myself to be a loser not worthy of his love.
I, on the other hand, will have to wait much longer than that. I hope he makes me wait till my last breath and turns up on my deathbed to tell me that he always loved me. Because I know I will wait even after the final goodbye ...

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