Sunday, July 4, 2010

Two Sides Of The Gay Man

The parties are fun. Not just because you get to dance, drink and scan a target rich environment but also because you are with guys who have, at some point in time, pinged you on some Gay social network!
These are the guys who have discussed kinky sex with you, they have discussed about them being exceptionally good in bed, having an XXL dick, having a 'cute ass' and a smooth body (lol). And there in the party they are all dressed up like items in a showcase of a shop selling 'Pick-Any-For-100' stuff. There in the party these 'I'm-not-much-into-sex' guys are trying their best to impress any random guy who would take them home with him for the night. And in the next party the bitches will gather around again and talk about how 'short' he was, or how fast he came, or how boring the sex was or how and what of so many other stories of the gay world.
But, all said and done, I like the gay parties of Bangalore. They are full of surprises and always give you a reason to come week after week with the least expectations and highest hopes of finding someone great.

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