Friday, July 23, 2010

This Is Why I Prefer Guys Over Girls!

Loving Gay Couple
There are 2 reasons why I don't like girls (don't get me wrong, what I mean is - why I can't see myself in a relationship with a girl).
First, I don't really get attracted to them sexually. Here I must tell you one thing, I've never actually been physical with a girl so I don't quite know if I would like it or not but unlike in the case of guys I've never really felt that I should 'discover' a girl's body.
Secondly (and much more important), I just can't take the way most girls behave in a relationship. My boyfriends are my companions, my friends, my activity partners, people I go out with and have fun, do things that I like doing (which mostly are all 'guys things'). Girls are softer and need attention. Constant fu*king attention. And a hell lot of care. They would worry (to the point of extinction) about how they're looking, does a particular piece of clothing make them look fat, is the hair alright and the million other things. Guys are like me (yay!) They step out of their homes at a short notice, they look good even without looking in the mirror for ages, they have a better understanding of almost everything in the world (I'm talking majorities here), they know how to keep quiet, they can ride bikes, drive cars, walk, run, and sleep all through a lazy afternoon. I like guys because they happen to have better tools (no pun here okay!) to live the life with - a robust body and a sound brain.
Now, here's the problem with the gay world - I don't know why most gay guys just want to prove to the world (and specially to me it seems) that they are not like 'regular' guys. Hey, wake up!!! I'm gay, I like guys!!! If I wanted a guy who was almost a girl would I rather not date a girl and have babies too!!! I'm paying a big price by being with a guy right, my personal life, my social life, everything is at stake and this is what you give me; a date who is more of a girl with missing boobs and 'operable' on the reverse side! Nay ... I'd rather stay at home and watch some football on my couch!


  1. Incredibly sexist. Girls have less understanding of the world, and unsound brains? I'm gay too (not closeted) and I agree that there are a LOT of things about gay relationships that I prefer to straight ones. Guys understand makes life a lot easier. But when you start believing that these differences mean that women just aren't as smart, I think you've crossed a line. I know many brilliant women, and I know many very dumb, dumb men. Neither has the "majority" on smarts. That's even borne out by scientific tests. The things you're saying make it seem not so much that you love men, but that you have contempt for women, which actually would put YOU on the "less equipped for the world" end of things.

  2. haha, i don't really agree entirely, because it is really sexist, but it's funny too.

  3. Aw its adorable :) however all of my previous boyfriends have been high maintenance and I am also an open gay. Ive been through things with women and have decided men are much more attractive and more fun sexually. Women have their appeals to other people and I respect them for that but women are NOT less than us :)
    have a nice day everyone