Saturday, September 11, 2010

Brokeback Mountain Is Euuuuwwww ... But, It Still Made Me Cry!

brokeback mountain
OK folks, I know I'm kinda late with this. I saw Brokeback Mountain just recently (i.e. it got over 5 minutes back). And since my boyfriend is sleeping and I can talk to him about it I thought I'd put it in here.
Now, my guy didn't really like BBM. That doesn't mean that I would've taken his recommendation and stopped myself from watching the movie 'cuz he didn't like Matrix, Troy, Inception, and a host of other classics either!
But, frankly folks, BBM may be a classic but I found it rather boring. It is full of emotions and all but it is a little off. A bit stretched I believe. It could've been so much more exciting if things happened a little faster! And I never believe in the idea of gay men getting married to girls just to be able to 'live' in the society. They ruin the lives of their family (like ElMore did) - poor girls who had to go through all that trouble in their early lives! I know, this is a movie about a rather ancient times when gay marriages were simply not possible but if they really loved each other they should've stayed single at least.
But, then, they were not really sure when their 'job' at Brokeback ended. All they had was a secret, not love just passion. And the way Jack used to 'visit' Mexico proved that he was driven more by the passion for the groins of another man than love for his 'fishing buddy'. ElMore (Heath Ledger) may have truly loved Jack but we can't be sure of even that 'cuz had his wife not found out he would've been living that fake life himself.
Overall, I believe BBM is certainly watchable (it has some really good acting, locations and a sorta gripping storyline) but it is definitely not a classic. Nothing like other gay themed movies that I have seen be it Milk, Shelter or may be even Boy Culture!

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  1. Ugh, I hated Boy Culture. Loved Shelter though.
    Found BBM boring for most part, except the ending... Sigh, what an ending :-(